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Dzongu offers the discerning traveller a host of options. Whether it be simply unwinding at the canopy verandah with a cup of local 'lemon tea' or hiking through one of the many trails that meander through the forests ,one can be assured of an excellent get away from the humdrum of modern day existance.

A) HIKES and Day Walks: connected very well with old footpaths and footbridges, one of the best ways to explore the area is via guided walks. The Lepchas are known well for their indigenous knowledge of the land, hence taking strolls through the woods and villages dotting the landscape , offer visitors an interesting insight into the way of life and nature as it has existed for generations. We provide guests with options on the duration and difficulty of such walks so anyone can partake in the activity. Little cook-out's for tea and snacks are arranged on the way so one can spend a good time outdoors!

B) TREKKING: Dzongu being a newely opened destination, does not see the usual rush in tourist flow, hence even the very old trek routes of 'Tholung' and 'kishyongla' are lesser known, yet rank among the most picturesque! These are routes still used today by locals as they hold utmost religious and spiritual significance . Trekking is organized by us in collaboration with locals and fully certified guides.For more details cantact us directly.

HOMESTAYS IN DZONGU: Having worked with homestay owners all across Sikkim, we offer the expeience of living with families in Dzongu and partaking in daily activities at their farms. Guests are free to interact and learn the indigenous practices that have been passed down over generations in these families.. 'Munlom Nature Resort' has tie ups with such individuals and their families, and we encourage a holistic effort to promote the region for a sustainable tourism industry in the coming future.

C) Day tours/ Sight seeing: Mostly virgin territory, the road connectivity in Dzongu is still to develop further, hence parts of the drives are on gravel which makes travel slower. However, much of sightseeing in Dzongu is at a leisurely pace with picnics by the riverside and visit to the natural sulphur springs a must!


Dzongu, the special Lepcha reserve, lies in the North District of Sikkim amidst deep valleys and lush forests of the himalayas. An almost virgin territory with a scanty population of Sikkim's native inhabitants, it is a beautiful land of dense jungle groves and pristine glacial streams. There are numerous waterfalls cascading down steep cliffs and natural hot springs bubbling at the various creeks and caves.

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